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This is a list of links to authors’ web pages, related resources, and related blogs. There is also a separate page of links to online reviews and a list of authors’ awards.



J. Adams home page

Linda Adams home page

Forrest Aguirre interview, another interview

Joseph Allen home page

Nancy Campbell Allen blog

Meg Allison home page

Lee Allred home page

Garthia Anderson home page

John Arkwright home page

Amber Argyle blog

Amanda Ashley home page, interview

Brodi Ashton blog

Russell William Asplund home page

Clover Autrey home page

Ivory Autumn home page

Bron Bahlmann home page

R. Dennis Baird series page

Madeline Baker home page

Lois Thompson Bartholomew home page

C. David Belt home page

Julie Berry home page

Laura Bingham blog

Jake Black blog

Vicki Blum interview

Richard Bradford home page

John D. Brown home page

Elizabeth H. Boyer books page

C. K. Bryant home page

Alicia Buck home page

Steven R. Burke blog

Orson Scott Card official page, Ender’s movie and others, interview, another interview, still another interview, yet another interview, "A Conversation With Orson Scott Card", "My favorite author, my worst interview", new interview, interview about writing religion in sf/f

Rebecca J. Carlson home page

Cheri Chelsey home page

Jennifer K. Clark blog

Jaleta Clegg home page

Frank L. Cole blog

Daniel Coleman home page

Michael R. Collings home page

Allyson Condie home page

Larry Correia blog

Ali Cross home page

James Dashner home page, books page

Chad Daybell home page

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury home page

Robert J. Defendi home page

Bree Despain home page

Terrance S. Drake home page

Todd Durrant book page

Anna del C. Dye home page

Wendie L. Edwards books page

Lori E. Erickson blog

M. J. Evans home page

Brian Keith Evenson interview, article

David Farland home page, interview

Warren Fast book page

Christine Feehan home page, interview

Sherry D. Ficklin home page

Becca Fitzpatrick home page

M. L. Forman book page

Daron Fraley home page

W. Dave Free home page

Nancy Fulda blog

Stephen Gashler home page

Jessica Day George home page

Shannon Hale home page, interview

Mette Ivie Harrison home page

Donna Hatch home page

Chris Heimerdinger blog

Zenna Henderson tribute page, book page

Tracy Hickman official page, interview, part 1 interview, part 2

Marie Higgins home page

Karen Hoover blog

Colleen Houck home page

David Howard film page/interview

Bill Housley blog

William K. Ickes books page

Jenni James blog

Terron James blog

Clint Johnson home page

Aaron Johnston home page

Robert Lee Joseph book page

Steven L. Kent home page

Matthew J. Kirby home page

Christopher Kugler home page

Lynn Kurland home page, interview

Kristen Landon home page

Jennifer Laurens home page

Lindsey Leavitt home page

Melissa Lemon home page

Alan and Rebecca Lickiss home page

Kimberley Griffiths Little home page

Emily Mah home page

Lisa Mangum home page

Matthew Mangum book page

Rachel McClellan home page

Stephenie Meyer home page, interview

Stephen Miller blog

Marianne Monson home page

Bryce Moore home page

J. Lloyd Morgan books page

K. L. Morgan books page

Brandon Mull home page, books page

Kelly Nelson home page

Jennifer A. Nielsen home page

Shelia A. Nielson blog

Rachel Ann Nunes home page

Jeffrey Olsen home page

James A. Owen books page, blog, interview

Dixie Owens home page

Alison Palmer blog

Greg Park home page

E. J. Patten blog

Janci Patterson blog

Andrea Pearson home page

Steven L. Peck home page

Aprilynne Pike blog

Anne Perry home page

Kathi Oram Peterson home page

Matthew Peterson home page blog

W. H. Pugmire interview

Janette Rallison home page

Suze Reese home page

Scott M. Roberts home page

Brent Rowley home page

Brandon Sanderson home page interview

J. Scott Savage blog

Rebecca Shelley home page

Nathan Shumate blog

Theresa Sneed blog

Emily Martha Sorensen home page

Berin Stephens home page

Eric James Stone home page

William Shunn home page

Obert Skye book page

Eldon Thompson home page, interview

Michael O. Tunnell home page

Joseph Vasicek blog

Greg Vose home page

Courtney King Walker home page

Peter Q. Warinner home page

Dan Wells home page

Robison Wells home page

David J. West blog

Julia West home page

M. Brook West home page

Jeff Wheeler home page

Kiersten White home page

Bethany Wiggins home page

Stephonie K. Williams blog

Dan Willis home page interview

Dave Wolverton home page, essay

Eugene Woodbury home page

Kathrine Woodbury blog

Lani Woodland home page

RaShelle Workman home page

Julie Wright home page

Michael Young home page


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Life, the Universe, & Everything symposium at BYU

The Leading Edge magazine at BYU

CONduit convention in SLC

Association for Mormon Letters includes award winners and review archive

Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database

League of Utah Writers

Utah Children’s Authors

Adult Fiction Writers with a Utah Connection listed at Salt Lake County library system

Science Fiction/Fantasy Workshop

SFWA Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Locus magazine online

Locus Index to Science Fiction

Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database nonfiction database

Reading until Dawn critical essays on Stephenie Meyer

Internet Review of Science Fiction

Science Fiction/Fantasy Authors of Various Faiths at

Writers of the Future contest

“A Survey of Mormon Comix” by Theric Jepson

“Harry Potter and the Uses of Enchantment,” a Mormon mother’s view of Harry Potter by Marilyn Green Faulkner

“Messiah stories—Ender, Bean, and Harry Potter,” a book review by Richard Seltzer

“Mormon Stereotypes in Popular Ficiton: 1979–1998” article by Mike Austin


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LDS Bookcorner LDS author interviews, daily chapter emails

Mormon Renaissance critical discussion (in the sense of critiquing) of Mormon arts


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