Forthcoming and New Works

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copyright Marny K. Parkin
updated June 29, 2014


This is a listing of works accepted for publication but not yet in print.

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Short Stories

Bronson, Scott Everett  [stories] Collings, Michael R.  [nonfiction] [novels] [poetry] [short stories] Correia, Larry  [novels] [stories] [forthcoming novels] Farland, David  [novels] [short stories] [about] [forthcoming novels] Fulda, Nancy  [short stories]  


Ashley, Amanda  [novels] [short stories] Anderson, Laura  [novels] Bastian, Laura D.  [novels] Belt, C. David  [novels] Bitter, Melissa  [novels] Brown, John  [short stories] Brooks, Mikey  [novels] Butler, D. J.  [novels] [stories] Caldwell, Juli  [novels] Card, Orson Scott  [nonfiction] [novels] [poetry] [short stories] [about] Chesley, Cheri  [novels] Clark, Hannah L.  [novels] Clegg, Jaleta  [stories] Condie, Ally  [novels] Correia, Larry  [novels] [stories] Dashner, James  [forthcoming] Falor, Janeal  [novels] Farland, David  [novels] [short stories] [about] Feehan, Christine  [novels] [short stories] Fitzpatrick, Becca  [novels] [stories] George, Jessica Day  [novels] Guscott, Steven J.   Hale, Shannon  [novels] Harman, Teri   Harrison, Mette Ivie  [novels] Heimerdinger, Chris  [novels] [stories]
  • Tennis Shoes book 13. Covenant Communications. Hickman, Tracy  [nonfiction] [novels] [poetry] [short stories] [about]

      and Laura Hickman  [stories]

    • Unwept. New York: Tor, July 1, 2014. preorder from Amazon

      and Dan Willis  [novels] [stories]

    • Dragons of the Confederacy. Monument, Colo.: Wordfire Press, August 2014.
    Holmberg, Charlie N.   Hoover, Karen E.  [novels]
    • Fractured. Orem, Utah: Trifecta Books, summer 2014.
    Houck, Colleen  [novels]
    • Tiger's Promise. New York: Delacorte, June 3, 2014. preorder from Amazon
    • Egyptian book and sequel. New York: Delacorte.
    Hoover, Karen E.  [novels]
    • Fractured. Orem, Utah: Trifecta Books, June 21, 2014.
    James, Jenni  [novels]

      and A. J. Cole

    • Eternity. UK: Mirror Image Books, 2014?

      and B. C. Sterret

    • A Ghost Story. Orem, Utah: Trifecta Books, June 21, 2014.
    Kirby, Matthew J.  [novels]
    • Infinite Winter. New York: Balzer and Bray, fall 2014.
    Knight, Wendy  [novels]
    • Banshee at the Gate. Summer 2014.
    Little, Kimberley Griffiths  [novels]
    • Goddess. New York: Harper Children's, 2014.
    • The Time of the Fireflies. New York: Scholastic Press, July 29, 2014. preorder from Amazon
    Martinson, Tyrean  [novels]
    • Champion in Flight. CreateSpace, 2014.
    McArthur, Shallee   McClellan, Brian  [novels] [stories] Merrill, Brianna J.  [novels]
    • Black Tower. CreateSpace.
    • Dawn of Destiny. CreateSpace.
    Monson, Adrienne  [novels] Mull, Brandon  [novels]
    • The Rogue Knight. Five Kingdoms book 2. New York: Aladdin, October 2014. preorder from Amazon
    • Five Kingdoms book 3. New York: Aladdin, March 2015.
    Nielsen, Jennifer A.  [novels]
    • The Shadow Throne. The False Prince book 3. New York: Scholastic, February 25, 2014. preorder from Amazon
    Nunes, Rachel Ann  [novels]
    • Blinded. summer 2014.
    O'Guinn, Katie Lee  [novels]
    • Hunted. N.p.: CreateSpace, June? 2014.
    Ostler, Heather  [novels]
    • The Secret of Darkwood Castle. Novi, Mich.: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, May 18, 2014. buy from Amazon
    Owen, James A.  [novels] [nonfiction] [about]
    • The 20th Anniversary Nearly-Complete Essential StarChild. Taylor, Ariz.: Coppervale International, 2014.
    Pike, Aprilynne  [novels] [stories] Polish, M. R.  [novels]
    • Wolf Love. CreateSpace, 2014.
    Reyes, Laurisa White  [novels]
    • Contact. N.p.: Hallowed Ink Press, June 23, 2014. buy fron Amazon
    • The Seer of the Guilde. N.p.: Tanglewood Press, 2015.
    Sanderson, Brandon  [nonfiction] [novels] [stories] [about]
    • Alcatraz book 5.
    • Firefight. New York: Delacorte, January 6, 2015. preorder from Amazon
    • Legion: Skin Deep. Limited edition. Subterranean Press, late 2014. preorder from publisher
    • Stormlight Archive book 3. New York: Tor, March? 2015.
    Savage, Jeffrey Scott  [novels]
    • Evil Twins. Case File 13, book 3. New York: HarperCollins Children's Books, June 24, 2014. preorder from Amazon
    • Far World: Fire Keep. book 4. Salt Lake City: Shadow Mountain, July 1, 2014. preorder from Amazon
    • A Return to Palmyra. Salt Lake City: Shadow Mountain.
    • Case File 13, book 4. New York: HarperCollins Children's Books.
    Shoop, Kyle L.  [novels]
    • Acea and the Seven Ancient Wonders. CreateSpace, 2014.
    Silverbow, Konstanz  [novels]
    • The Enchanted Rose. CreateSpace, February 10, 2015.
    Skidmore, Lauren  
    • What Is Hidden. Springville, Utah: Cedar Fort, May 13, 2014. buy from Amazon
    Van Dolzer, Krista  
    • Duel/Duet. New York: SourceBooks, fall 2015.
    • The Regenerated Man. New York: Putnam, winter 2015.
    Walker, Courtney King  [novels]
    • Molly Pepper and the Night Train. N.p.: Lands Atlantic Publishing, 2015.
    Walls, Devri  [novels]
    • Wings of Lomay. StoneHouse Ink, 2014.
    Wardell, Jenniffer  [novels] Weist, Jaclyn  [novels]
    • Magicians of the Deep. Summer 2014.
    • The Princess and the Prom Queen. Orem, Utah: Trifecta Books, 2014.
    Wells, Robison  [novels] West, Kasie  [forthcoming] Wheeler, Jeff  [novels]
    • Mirrowen book 3. Las Vegas: 47North.
    White, Kiersten  [stories] [novels] Williams, Carol Lynch  [novels]

      and Cheri Pray Earl

    • Just in Time: The Road Leads Back to Georgia. Familius, September 2, 2014. preorder from Amazon
    • Just in Time: Wizard of Menlo Park, New Jersey. Familius, May 20, 2014. buy from Amazon
    Wymore, James  [novels] [stories]
    • Salvation. Dulles, Va.: Curiosity Quills Press, May 16, 2014. buy from Amazon
    Younker, E. A.  
    • Future of Lies. Midway, Utah: Fox Hollow, summer 2014.


    Collings, Michael R.  [nonfiction] [novels] [poetry] [short stories]
    • "The Adventure of Reading Stephen King." In Reading Stephen King. Cemetery Dance, 2014?
    • Chain of Evil: The JournalStone Guide to Writing Darkness. JournalStone, 2014.
    • Michaelbrent Collings' The Billy Saga: A Literary Study. N.p.: CreateSpace, May 21, 2014. buy from Amazon
    • Orson Scott Card: Penetrating to the Gentle Heart. N.p.: CreateSpace, April 11, 2014. buy from Amazon

    copyright Marny K. Parkin
    updated June 29, 2014

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