h Mormon SF Bibliography: Authors


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copyright Marny K. Parkin



NOTE: This is NOT a list of LDS authors. It is a list of authors whose works are included in this bibliography, whether they have written something as an LDS author or about an LDS author.


Abbott, Ernest  short stories

Absher, Martha Shumate  short stories

Adams, J[ewel]  novels

Adams, Linda  novels poetry

Aguirre, Forrest  novels poetry short stories

Ahlstrom, Karen Stay  poetry short stories

Alarcon, C. C. (pseudonym of David Michael Bastian)  short stories

Albert, Lisa Rondinelli  nonfiction

Allen, Joseph  novels

Allen, Nancy Campbell  novels

Allgaier, April  short stories

Allison, Meg  novels

Allred, David A.  nonfiction

Allred, Lee  nonfiction short stories forthcoming

Alsop, Cheree  novels

Anderson, Christie  novels

Anderson, Garthia  novels

Anderson, Glenn L.  novels short stories

Anderson, Holli  novels

Anderson, Jack  novels

Anderson, Laura  novels forthcoming

Anderson, Nephi  novels

Anderson, S. M.  novels

Anderson, Steve  novels

Anderson, Wendy Suzanne  short stories

Argetsinger, Gerald S.  nonfiction

Argyle, Amber  novels

Argyle, Michelle Davidson  novels short stories

Arkwright, John  short stories

Arnold, JoAnn  novels

Ashby, Millicent  novels

Ashley, Amanda. (pseudonym of Madeline Baker)  novels short stories forthcoming

Ashton, Brodi  novels

Asplund, Russell William  poetry short stories

Asplund, Stephanie Rummler  short stories

Austin, Mike  short stories

Autrey, Clover  novels

Autumn, Ivory  novels


Baccellia, Kim  novels

Badger, Orson T  novels

Bahlmann, Bron  novels

Bailey, Alice Morrey  novels

Bailey, S. P.  short stories

Baird, R. Dennis  novels

Baker, Laurel. See Queen, Stephanie

Baker, Madeline  novels short stories

Baker, Virginia E.  poetry short stories

Baltes, Paul J.  nonfiction

Banks, Alex  novels

Baptiste, Tracey  nonfiction

Barber, Lorin  novels

Barbour, Mimi  novels short stories

Barneck, J. Abram  novels

Barney, Cathleen  short stories

Barrett, R. L.  novels

Bartholomew, Lois Thompson  novels

Barton, Steve K.  short stories

Bast, Michael  novels

Bastian, David Michael  nonfiction short stories

Bastian, Laura D.  forthcoming

Bates, Martine. See Leavitt, Martine Bates

Bawden, A. L.  novels

Beahm, George  nonfiction

Bell, Braden  novels

Bell, Elouise  poetry

Bell, Michael Shayne  nonfiction novels poetry short stories

Belnap, Joseph E.  novels

Belt, C. David  novels

Benaton, Dena  nonfiction

Bennett, Cindy C.  novels short stories

Bennett, R. William  novels

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty  short stories

Bernard, Rebecca Lynne  poetry short stories

Berry, Julie Gardner  novels

Berry, Leah M. Gardner  novels

Bezzant, Pat  nonfiction short stories

Bingham, Laura  novels

Bird, Heidi Nicole  novels

Bird, Robert  nonfiction

Bishop, Will  poetry

Bitter, Melissa  novels

Bjornholt, Lexi  novels

Black, Jake  nonfiction

Black, Paul E.  nonfiction

Black, Stephanie  novels

Blackburn, Gary  novels

Blackmore, Tim  nonfiction

Blackwell, Pamela  novels

Blankenship, Ronn  nonfiction short stories

Bleiler, Richard  nonfiction

Blount, H. Parker  nonfiction

Blue, Suni  novels

Blum, Vicki  novels

Bonin, Kate  nonfiction

Booher, Brock  novels

Borst, Amie  novels

Borst, Bethanie  novels

Boyer, Elizabeth H.  nonfiction novels short stories

Bradford, Charity  novels short stories

Bradford, Richard  novels

Bradley, Graham  short stories

Branton, Teyla (pseudonym of Rachel Ann Nunes)  forthcoming

Brender, Alan  nonfiction

Bronson, Scott Everett  nonfiction short stories forthcoming

Brooks, Mikey  novels

Brown, Charles N.  nonfiction

Brown, John D.  novels short stories nonfiction forthcoming

Brown, Thomas H.  nonfiction

Browne, Howard  nonfiction

Bruner, Kurt  nonfiction

Bruner, Olivia  nonfiction

Bryant, C. K.  novels forthcoming

Bryant, Kristin  novels

Buck, Alicia  novels

Buck, E. C.  short stories

Buck, Valerie  nonfiction

Bullinger, Cara. See O'Sullivan, Cara Bullinger

Bunderson, M. R.  novels

Burk, Dan Leroy  short stories

Burk, Steven R.  novels

Burnett, David  short stories

Burnett, Jeanne  short stories

Burton, Ryan  nonfiction

Butler, D. J.  novels short stories

Butler, S. A.  novels


Caldwell, Juli  novels

Camp, Shannen Crane  novels

Campbell, Doug  short stories

Card, Emily Janice  novels

Card, Orson Scott  nonfiction novels poetry short stories forthcoming about

Carlisle, Charlene. See Harmon, Charlene Carlisle

Carlson, Rebecca  short stories

Carr, Michael W.  nonfiction short stories

Carroll, Stacy Lynn  novels

Carter, Stephen  novels

Cechini, Annie Laurie  novels

Charriere, Doris  novels

Chaston, David G.  nonfiction

Chesley, Cheri  novels

Childers, Shawn B.  novels

Christensen, James C.  nonfiction novels about

Christensen, Kevin  short stories

Christensen, Michael D.  novels

Clark, Dennis  nonfiction

Clark, Hannah L.  novels

Clark, Jennifer K.  novels

Clark, Marden J.  poetry

Clark, Platte F.  novels

Clarke, Amy M.  nonfiction

Clarke, Linda Weaver  novels

Clawson, Emily Gray  novels

Clayson, Dennis E.  short stories

Clegg, Jaleta  novels short stories

Cluff, Elizabeth.  short stories

Cole, Frank L.  novels forthcoming

Coleman, Daniel  novels

Collings, Michael R.  nonfiction novels poetry short stories about

Collings, Michaelbrent  novels

Collins, Renee  <novels

Colonna, Jeannette  short stories

Condie, Ally  novels

Cook, David A.  novels

Cook, Donna  novels

Cook, Elaine T.  novels

Cooper, A. Edward  novels

Coppersmith, Jay Don  nonfiction

Corman, Catherine  nonfiction

Correia, Larry  novels short stories forthcoming

Cowan, Douglas E.  nonfiction

Cowles, David L.  nonfiction

Cracroft, Richard H.  nonfiction

Crane, Cheri J.  novels

Crawford, Karie  nonfiction

Craycroft, Rick  short stories

Creer, Jeffrey  nonfiction

Crimmins, Mark  poetry

Crockett, James Paul  short stories

Croft, Marguerite  short stories

Cross, Ali  novels

Crowe, Edith L.  nonfiction

Cunningham, Melissa  novels

Cutchins, Dennis.  nonfiction

Cutler, Sue  short stories


Dabb, Neil  stories

Dabbs, Danielle E. See Monson, Danielle E. Dabbs

Daines, Julie  novels

Dalley, Craig L.  short stories

Dalley, J. A.  novels

Dalton, Derick William  novels

Dalton-Woodbury, Kathleen  short stories

Daniels, Diane  novels

Darby, Gary  novels

D'Arc, James V.  nonfiction

Dashner, James  novels

Davin, Eric L.  nonfiction

Day, Angela D.  novels

Daybell, Chad  novels

Decker, Cynthia  short stories

Defendi, Robert J.  short stories

Despain, Bree  novels

Despain, Dezra (pseudonym of Tracy Hickman)  short stories

Diamond, Steven  short stories

Dille, Maren  novels

Dixon, Heather  novels

Doering, Dave  nonfiction short stories

Dorrity  novels

Downing, L. T.  novels

Downs, Jeff  novels

Doyle, Christine  nonfiction

Drake, Terrance S.  novels

Draper, Jessica  novels

Draper, Richard D.  novels

Duncan, Thom  nonfiction novels short stories

Durham, Tayla  novels

Durrant, Todd  novels

Duzett, Allie  novels

Dye, Anna del C.  novels


Earl, Cheri Pray  novels forthcoming

Eatough, Jennifer  poetry

Eberl, Jason T.  nonfiction

Eddleman, Peggy  novels

Eden, Sarah M.  novels

Edwards, J. P.  short stories

Edwards, Wendie L.  novels

Ehlers, Eric J.  nonfiction

Ellis, Jim B.  poetry

Ellis, LaRene R.  novels

England, Eugene  nonfiction

Eno, Thomas D.  novels

Erickson, Lori E.  short stories

Erickson, Michelle  novels

Erisman, Fred  nonfiction

Evans, Cambria  novels

Evans, M. J.  novels

Evans, Richard Paul  novels

Evenson, Brian Keith  nonfiction novels short stories about

Evenson, Nancy  short stories

Eves, Rosalyn Collings.  nonfiction


Falor, Janeal  novels forthcoming

Farland, David (pseudonym of Dave Wolverton)  novels short stories forthcoming

Farmer, Clark  poetry

Fast, Warren  novels

Feehan, Christine  novels short stories forthcoming

Ferguson, Sam  novels

Ferrell, James L.  novels

Ficiur, Robert  novels

Ficklin, Sherry D.  novels

Fielding, Victoria  novels

Fisher, Paul R.  novels

Fitzpatrick, Becca  novels short stories forthcoming

Ford, James E.  nonfiction

Ford, S. R.  novels

Forman, M. L.  novels

Fowers, Stephanie  novels short stories

Fox, Marcha  poetry

Fraley, Daron D.  novels

Frank, Carolyn Twede  novels

Frasca, Jessica J.  poetry

Frentzen, Jeffrey  nonfiction

Frost, Heather  novels

Fulda, Nancy  short stories


Gammon, Sherry  short stories

Garcia, Frank  nonfiction

Gardner, Sally Faye  novels

Gardner, Willard Boyd  novels

Gashler, Stephen  novels

George, Jessica Day  novels forthcoming

Gessel, Van C.  nonfiction

Gibbons, Matt  short stories

Gibson, Arvin S.  novels

Gibson, Brian  short stories

Gifford, Melva L.  nonfiction poetry short stories

Giles, Nichole  novels forthcoming

Gillum, Gary  short stories

Gordon, Kate  novels

Gowans, Jacob  novels

Graff, Tony  novels

Graffam, Merle H.  short stories

Granger, John  nonfiction

Grant, Elijah  novels

Gray, Mary  novels

Grebowicz, Margaret  nonfiction

Green, John A.  nonfiction

Greenwood, Adam  short stories

Gresh, Lois H.  nonfiction

Griffin, Bo (pseudonym of John D. Brown)  short stories

Guerra, Regan Brianne  novels

Gunderson, Phyllis  novels

Guscott, Steven J.  forthcoming


Hale, Dean  novels

Hale, Nathan  novels

Hale, Shannon  novels

Hall, C. LaRene  novels

Hall, Randall L.  poetry

Hall, Tyler Rudd  novels

Halladay, Chris  short stories

Heather hamilton Senter  novels

Hammond, Ron J.  novels

Handy, Patricia M.  nonfiction

Hanks, LeeAnne  novels

Hanna, Kathleen J.  novels

Haring, Dan  novels

Harman, Teri  novels forthcoming

Harmon, Charlene Carlisle  nonfiction poetry short stories

Harrell, Jack  short stories

Harrison, B. Kent  nonfiction

Harrison, Mettie Ivie  novels nonfiction forthcoming

Hart, Edward L.  poetry

Hatch, Donna  novels

Hatch, Gary Layne  nonfiction

Hayes, Nancy Lynn  nonfiction short stories

Heimerdinger, Chris Frank  novels short stories forthcoming

Helm, Julie D.  short stories

Henderson, Zenna  short stories nonfiction about

Henham, R. D. (pseudonym of Clint Johnson)  novels (pseudonym of Rebecca Shelley)  novels

Hester, Todd  novels short stories

Hickman, Laura  short stories novels

Hickman, Tracy  nonfiction novels poetry short stories forthcoming about

Higgins, Marie  novels

Hill, C. J. (pseudonym of Janette Rallison)  novels

Hill, Douglas  nonfiction

Hill, Liesel K.  novels

Hinrichsen, Ronda Gibb  novels

Hirsch, David  nonfiction

Hodges, Sapphire  poetry

Hogan, Edward  short stories

Hoffman, Diana E. Lofgran  short stories

Holle, Krista  novels

Holliday, Liz  nonfiction

Holmberg, Charlie N.  forthcoming

Hong, Lily Toy  novels

Hoover, Karen E.  novels

Hopkins, Ellen  nonfiction

Hopkins, Kevin  novels

Hotchkiss, Robert R.  novels

Houck, Colleen  novels

Housel, Rebecca  nonfiction

Housley, Bill  novels short stories

Hovley, Margot  novels

Hueller, Andy  novels

Hume, Barbara R.  nonfiction short stories

Hunt, Stephen  nonfiction

Huntsman, Clifford  poetry

Huntington, Sharon J.  short stories

Hurst, Gene  short stories

Hutchins, M. K.  novels short stories

Hyer, Matt  novels

Hyde, Paul Nolan  nonfiction


Ickes, William K.  novels short stories

Inman, Pendragon  novels

Israelsen, Frederick Albert (pseudonym of Benjamin Urrutia)  short stories


Jacobs, James S.  nonfiction

James, Jenni  forthcoming

James, Terron  novels

Jennings, L. N.  novels

Jensen, Heather  novels forthcoming

Jensen, Marion  novels

Jensen, Maurene  short stories

Jepson, Eric W.  short stories

Johansson, J. R.  novels

Johns, Cassandra M.  short stories

Johnson, Clint  novels (as R. D. Henham)

Johnson, Elana  novels

Johnson, Hollis R.  nonfiction

Johnston, Aaron  novels nonfiction forthcoming

Jole, Douglas M.  poetry short stories

Jonas, Jamie  poetry short stories

Jones, Beth Felker  nonfiction

Jones, Raymond F.  nonfiction novels short stories about

Jones, Pauline Baird  novels short stories

Jordan, James Gladu  short stories

Jorgensen, Bruce W.  poetry

Joseph, Robert Lee  novels

Jovan, Moriah  short stories

Jowett, Lorna  nonfiction


Kagle, Steven  nonfiction

Keenan, Teresa  short stories

Kellar, Walter  short stories

Kelly, Holly  novels

Kelsay, Karen  poetry

Kemp, Kenny  novels

Kempen, Bernhard  nonfiction

Kent, Steven L.  novels

Keogh, Abel  novels

Kerry, Paul E.  nonfiction

Kessel, John  nonfiction

Kidd, Kathryn H.  novels

King, Jason James  novels

King, Samuel James  novels

Kirby, Matthew J.  novels

Kirby, Robert  short stories

Kittelson, Karie.  nonfiction

Knight Wendy  novels

Kofmel, Kim G.  nonfiction

Kroupa, Susan J.  short stories

Krumwiede, Lana  novels

Kugler, Christopher  poetry short stories

Kugler, Kristina  nonfiction

Kurland, Lynn  novels short stories forthcoming


Lacoe, Addie G.  short stories

Lakey, Todd  short stories

Landon, Kristen  novels

Langford, Jonathan D.  nonfiction poetry short stories

Lankin, R. K.  short stories

Larsen, Annette K.  novels Larson, Clinton F.  poetry

Larson, Glen A.  novels about

Latas, Jennifer  novels

Laurens, Jennifer  novels

Lavanway, Ilyan Kei  novels

Lavering, Ashley  novels

Lazarus, Kevin  novels

Layton, Lee Ann. See Setzer, Lee Ann Layton

Leafty, Danyelle  novels

Leavitt, Josh  poetry

Leavitt, Lindsey  novels

Leavitt, Martine Bates  novels short stories

Leek, Nancy  short stories

Lemon, Melissa  novels

Leppert, Alicia K.  novels

Lewis, Linda K.  nonfiction

Lickiss, Alan  short stories

Lickiss, Rebecca  novels short stories

Lieske, Victorine E.  novels

Lindsay, Randy  novels short stories

Littke, Lael J.  novels short stories

Little, Kimberley Griffiths  novels forthcoming

Lo, Michael Cheng (pseudonym of Michael Carr and Eric Lowe)  short stories

Lofthouse, Angie  novels short stories

Loomis, Jerry Emerson  short stories

Lovett, Richard A.  nonfiction

Lowe, Eric  short stories

Lowe, Kathy  short stories

Lower, Lois  short stories

Lund, Fiauna  novels

Lund, Gerald N.  novels

Lupoff, Richard A.  nonfiction

Lusk, David R.  novels


Mace, Aubrey  novels

Mah, Emily  short stories

Mangum, Lisa  novels

Mangum, Matthew  novels

Manning, Alan D.  nonfiction novels

Marcum, Robert  novels

Markham, Tony  short stories novels

Marshall, C. W.  nonfiction

Marshall, Donald R.  novels

Martin, Cathlena  nonfiction

Martindale, D. Michael  nonfiction novels

Martinson, Tyrean  novels short stories forthcoming

Masters, David  short stories

McAllister, Mick  nonfiction

McArthur, Shallee  forthcoming

McArthur, T. V.  short stories

McClellan, Brian  short stories forthcoming

McClellan, Rachel  novels forthcoming

McCloud, Susan Evans  novels

McClure, Marcia Lynn  novels

McMichaels, Neil J. (pseudonym of Jonathan D. Langford)  poetry

McRae, John  novels

Mechling, Valerie  novels

Mercer, Joyce  nonfiction

Merrill, Brianna J.  novels

Merrill, Kristy  short stories

Messick, Shaun F.  novels

Meyer, Stephenie  novels short stories

Meyers, Richard S.  nonfiction

Michaels, Walter B.  nonfiction

MIckelson, Marcia  novels

Miesel, Sandra  nonfiction

Miller, Rob Hollis  poetry

Miller, Stephen  novels

Milliner, Chad R.  short stories

Milner, Emily  short stories

Monson, Adrienne  novels forthcoming

Monson, Christy  novels

Monson, Danielle E. Dabbs  short stories

Monson, Marianne  novels

Montgomery, Tarrah  novels

Moody, J. Ward  nonfiction

Moore, Bryce  novels

Moore, C. S.  novels

Moore, Heather B.  novels

Moore, Jeffrey  novels novels

Morgan, Bill  novels

Morgan, Grant Avery  short stories

Morgan, J. Lloyd  novels

Morgan, K. L.  novels

Morgan, Melinda R.  novels

Morrell, Jeannette  poetry

Morris, Chad  novels

Morris, William  short stories

Morrison, Steve  short stories

Muhlestein, Daniel  nonfiction

Mull, Brandon  novels forthcoming about

Mykals, Wayne  short stories


Nakommen, Mandy L.  (pseudonym of Melva L. Gifford) short stories

Nalder, Larry  novels

Nelson, Danny  short stories

Nelson, Kelly  novels

Newell, Neil K.  novels short stories

Newman, Marsha  novels

Ngok, Ty (pseudonym of Eric Lowe)  short stories

Nibley, Hugh  nonfiction

Niccum, S. B.  novels

Nicita, Carolyn  short stories

Nielsen, Jennifer A.  novels

Nielsen, Kelli Swofford  novels

Nielson, Alberta Rothe  novels

Nielson, Shiela A.  novels

Noehren, Riley  novels>

Nokes, Beverly  poetry

Norton, Preston  novels

Nunes, Rachel Ann  novels forthcoming


O'Guinn, Katie Lee  novels forthcoming

Oldham, Annie  novels

Olsen, Erik  novels forthcoming

Olsen, Jeffrey  novels

Orr, David  nonfiction

Ostler, Heather  novels

O'Sullivan, Cara Bullinger  nonfiction poetry short stories

Otte, Marc  novels

Owen, James A.  novels nonfiction about

Owens, Dixie  novels

Oziewicz, Marek  nonfiction


Pack, Janet  nonfiction

Packard, Albert. (pseudonym of Bryce Moore)  novels

Page, Gerald W.  nonfiction

Palmer, Alison  novels

Park, Elsie  novels

Park, Greg S.  novels

Parker, Lehua  novels

Parkin, Leonard  about

Parkin, Scott R.  nonfiction short stories

Parry, Jay A.  short stories

Patten, E. J.  novels

Paulson, Bonnie R.  novels

Pearson, Andrea  novels

Peck, Chris A.  novels

Peck, Steven L.  novels poetry short stories

Pehrson, Elise  novels

Pellume, Noam D. (pseudonym of Orson Scott Card)  short stories

Perkins, Luisa M.  novels

Perkins, Ute  novels

Perry, Anne  novels about

Perry, C. Michael  novels

Perry, Dennis R.  nonfiction

Perry, Jolene  novels

Petersen, Zina  nonfiction

Peterson, Debbie  novels

Peterson, Erik  short stories

Peterson, Kathi Oram  novels

Peterson, Mark C.  novels

Peterson, Matthew  novels

Peterson, Todd Robert  nonfiction

Phillips, Mark  nonfiction

Pike, Aprilynne  novels short stories forthcoming

Piserchia, Doris  novels

Polish, M. R.  novels

Pontius, John M.  novels

Potter, Tiffany  nonfiction

Poulson, Cory  novels

Pratt, Parley P.  novels short stories

Proschet, Alma J.  nonfiction

Queen, Stephanie (pseudonym of Laurel Baker)  novels


Quincy, Norman L.  short stories


Rada, James, Jr.   novelsshort stories

Raisor, J. D.   novels

Rallison, Janette   novels nonfiction

Randalls, Vickie Mason  novels

Randle, Kristen D.  novels

Reed, Michael W.   short stories

Reed, Rayda  short stories

Reese, Suze   forthcoming

Reeve, Richard M.  short stories

Reid, Carter  short stories

Remy, John Nakamura  short stories

Rey, Jennifer  nonfiction

Reyes, Laurisa White   novels

Rhodes, Carrie Ann  poetry

Richardson, David E.  novels

Ricks, Patricia J.  novels

Riess, Jana  nonfiction

Ritchey, Micheal  novels

Roberts, Dave  nonfiction

Roberts, Scott M.  short stories

Rogers, Thomas  nonfiction

Rossi, Carl A.  short stories

Roundy, Shaun  novels

Rowley, B. J.  novels

Rowley, M'Lin  novels

Rummage, Carole   novels

Rummler, Stephanie. See Asplund, Stephanie Rummler

Rush, Connie Rugh  short stories


Salmon, Will  poetry short stories

Sampson, Bryton  short stories

Samuelson, Scott   nonfiction

Sanders, Justin W.  nonfiction

Sanderson, Brandon  novels short stories forthcoming about

Savage, Jeffrey Scott  novels forthcoming

Savage, O. C.   novels

Schantin, Diane  nonfiction

Schneider, Jo   novels

Schreiber, Romann (pseudonym of Michael W. Reed)   short stories

Schuler, Bill  nonfiction

Scippend, Halig (pseudonym of Thom Duncan)  short stories

Scott, Stephen  short stories

Sederholm, Carl H.  nonfiction

Sedgwick, Chantele   novels

Seegmiller, Keith G.   novels

Seeley, Sarah E.   novels

Senior, W. A.  nonfiction

Setzer, Lee Ann Layton  short stories

Setzer, Steve  nonfiction

Shapiro, Marc  nonfiction

Shelley, Rebecca  short stories novels (as R. D. Henham)

Shoop, Kyle L.  novels forthcoming

Shumate, Nathan  novels short stories

Shunn, D. William  short stories

Shurtliff, Liesel  novels

Siddoway, Richard M.  novels

Siegfried, Brandie  nonfiction

Sillitoe, Linda  novels poetry

Silverbow, Konstanz  novels

Simak, Steven A.  nonfiction

Skarstedt, Ethan  nonfiction short stories

Skarstedt, Mark T.  short stories

Skidmore, Lauren  forthcoming

Skye, Meredith  novels

Skye, Obert  novels

Slaughter, Perry (pseudonym of William Shunn)  short stories

Smith, Christopher C.  nonfiction

Smith, Connie  nonfiction

Smith, Lareena  short stories

Smith, Marion K.  nonfiction

Smith, Scott S.  short stories

Smith, Vickie  short stories

Sneed, Theresa  novels

Snow, Molly  novels

Sorensen, Chris  novels

Sorensen, Emily Martha  novels

Soulier, David Ricky  novels

Sperry, John D.  novels

Sproat, Ethan  nonfiction

Stay, Douglas  short stories

Rummler, Stephanie. See Asplund, Stephanie Rummler

Stephens, Berin  novels short stories

Stephenson, Dale J.  short stories

Steward, Lee  poetry

Stewart, Chris  novels

Stewart, Susan L.  nonfiction

St. James, Sierra. (pseudonym of Janette Rallison)  novels

Stone, Eric James  short stories forthcoming nonfiction about

Straubhaar, Joe  nonfiction

Straubhaar, Sandra Sandy Ballif  nonfiction short stories

Streams, Charles  novels

Stubbs, Samuel  novels

Summers, David  short stories

Sundrud, R. Bruce  novels forthcoming

Swedin, Eric G.  novels

Swift, Jeffrey Charles  nonfiction

Swift, W. Bradford  nonfiction


Talbot, Paul  novels

Talmadge-Bickmore, Deborah.  novels

Tarr, Kenneth R.  novels

Tayler, Howard  nonfiction short stories

Tayler, Sandra  short stories

Taylor, Curtis  novels

Taylor, Keary  novels

Taylor, Julia L.  nonfiction

Taylor, Samuel W.  novels short stories

Taylor, Taryn A.  novels

Teare, Brad  novels

Thatcher, Bruce Franklin  nonfiction short stories

Thomas, Candace J.  novels

Thomas, Carla  poetry

Thompson, Eldon  novels

Thornley, Diann  novels short stories

Thorp, Malcolm R.  nonfiction

Thrall, James H.  nonfiction

Tilton, Kitty Carr  short stories

Todd, P. Karen  nonfiction short stories

Tolley, Diane Stringham  novels

Torero, Tamra  novels

Torgersen, Brad R.  short stories forthcoming

Tucker, James  short stories

Tuckfield, Bridgette  short stories

Tunnell, Michael O.  novels nonfiction short stories>

Tvedtnes, John A.  nonfiction


Urrutia, Benjamin  nonfiction poetry short stories


Vanderhoef, Casey  nonfiction

Van Dolzer, Krista  forthcoming

Vasicek, Joseph  poetry short stories

Vaz, Mark Cotta  nonfiction

Vestal, Kirk  short stories

Vick, Helen Hughes  novels

Vose, Greg  short stories


Wagner, McKenzie  novels

Walch, Karen  poetry short stories

Walker, Courtney King  novels

Walker, J. Todd  novels

Walker, Michael R.  nonfiction

Walker, Steven C.  nonfiction

Walley, Byron (pseudonym of Orson Scott Card)  short stories

Walls, Devri  novels forthcoming

Walton, Rick  novels

Wardell, Jenniffer  forthcoming

Warnock, Charmayne Gubler  short stories

Washburn, J  novels

Washburn, the Brothers (Berk and Andy)  novels

Watson, James  short stories

Weinlein, Sue  nonfiction

Weist, Jaclyn  novels

Wellborn, Terresa Mae  poetry

Wells, Daniel A.  nonfiction novels short stories

Wells, Robison  novels forthcoming

West, Brook  short stories

West, David J.  short stories forthcoming

West, Greg  novels

West, Julia H.  short stories

West, Kasie  novels

Westergren, Bruce N.  nonfiction

Westergren, Julie  nonfiction

Westfahl, Gary  nonfiction

Westover, Paul  novels

Weyland, Jack  novels short stories

Wheat, David L., Jr.  nonfiction

Wheeler, Jeff  novels

Whipple, Natalie  novels

White, Dorine  novels

White, Karie  novels

White, Kiersten  novels short stories forthcoming

Whitesides, Tyler  novels

Whitley, Colleen  poetry

Wiggins, Bethany  novels

Wilcox, Miranda  nonfiction

Wilkinson, Markus  nonfiction

Willett, Edward  nonfiction

Williams, Carol Lynch  novels forthcoming

Williams, Stephonie K.  novels

Willis, Dan   novels short stories

Wilson, Cathy Gileadi  poetry

Wilson, Leah  nonfiction

Winston, Kimberly  nonfiction

Winters, Charlene REnberg  nonfiction

Winters, Rebecca  novels

Wisnewski, J. Jeremy  nonfiction

Wolfe, Ivan A.  nonfiction forthcoming

Wolverton, Dave  nonfiction novels short stories about

Wood, Holly J.  novels

Woodbury, Eugene  novels

Woodbury, Katherine  short stories

Woodland, Lani  novels short stories forthcoming

Workman, RaShelle  novels

Worthen, Lyn  short stories

Worthen, M. W.  short stories

Wright, James L., Jr.  short stories

Wright, Julie  novels

Wright, Randall  novels

Wymore, James  novels short stories forthcoming

Wyss, Thelma Hatch  novels


Yates, Dan  novels

Yorgason, Blaine M.  novels

Young, Bruce  short stories

Young, Joseph M.  novels

Young, Michael  novels

Younker, E. A.  forthcoming


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